GridMount has moved over here.

25 Responses to “Gridmount”

  1. r007 Says:

    I’d love to use it but it does not seem to work on Leopard. Apparently it needs to be compiled with the right options. Could you try to fix that?

    • Yaakov Says:

      Unfortunately, there are a couple of APIs I’m using which were only introduced in 10.6, plus Grand Central Dispatch. If you’re using Steam for playing games (as opposed to just chat), I would recommend upgrading to Snow Leopard for the graphics improvements that come with the 10.6.4 SLGU as well as any future graphics updates that come.

      • r007 Says:

        I am aware of the improvements in Snow Leopard, and if you’re using these new APIs, then I can understand you unwillingness to port GridMount Back to 10.5 (after all, you’re providing it for free…)

        I’ve been postponing the Snow Leo switch for quite a while on this machine, mainly due to owning “old” commercial software which has issues on 10.6.

        Oh well, no GridMount for me then for the time being.

        Thanks anyway.

  2. Ganonmaster Says:

    Any chance you might release the source code?

  3. Compy386 Says:

    Portal 2 uses a new file system!! “.ncf” It seems like Valve is heading in the same direction as their “.gcf” files, but maybe they’ve simplified it? Or in some way made it better.

    Any chance this “new cache file” system will be implemented in GridMount?

    • Yaakov Says:

      NCFs (No Cache Files) aren’t new. They don’t contain any game content, just index the files the games use. Like Left 4 Dead (2), the VPK files in the game directory are what you’re after.


    I’ve been using GridMount for awhile, but for some reason it can’t open .vpk files for me. They either show up completely blank or are filled with folders and files that are corrupted. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Yaakov Says:

      Do you have a specific VPK that isn’t working? From what I can tell, you need to mount the pakXX_dir VPK(s) (e.g. portal2/pak01_dir.vpk); without looking at the actual VPK file structure it seems to me to be a hybrid between GCFs and NCFs.

  5. Razvan Boroda Says:

    Application does not open in 10.6.7

  6. Guy Godfroy Says:

    It don’t work with me.
    When I try to open a file, it open a dialog window (see it here : I tried to see what happened in Console and it shox me this :
    What can I do, please ?
    Thanks for your attention.

  7. Daniel Grinker Says:

    When I open it,There’s no Window opening,Only I see the Steam logo in the most top menu bar,at the left side,Left to the Time,What’s wrong?
    I have 10.5.8.

    • Yaakov Says:

      There’s no window to open, it’s a filesystem handler. Just try and open a GCF file and it should show up in Finder like any normal drive.

      • Daniel Grinker Says:

        Sorry for taking so long to reply,Just forgotten everytime to talk about it,I did what you’ve said.
        But still,Does nothing when I click the .gcf I want to open.
        Any other solutions?

      • Yaakov Says:

        Is there anything printed to the console (/Applications/Utilities/ ? What version of OS X are you running, and do you have MacFUSE installed?

  8. Daniel Grinker Says:

    There’s nothing in the Console once I open the .gcf’s,Like I Mentioned in my First comment,I have 10.5.8 and yes,MacFuse is installed.

  9. Robert Marrero Says:

    Just a note for all you Lion users out there. GridMount works, but the state of MacFUSE is, well, not so much. The last update for MacFUSE was in December 2008, which is before Mac OS X Snow Leopard was released. The MacFUSE project is considered to be dead, but there have been efforts to bring MacFUSE-like functionality to Lion. I would recommend OSXFUSE, which can be used as a replacement for MacFUSE.

    • Yaakov Says:

      Moving Gridmount to OSXFUSE is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, but I haven’t had time to look into it yet. It looks like it has MacFUSE backwards compatibility, does Gridmount work with OSXFUSE out of the box?

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